Starting position

The German railway company of a large state railway had won the invitation to tender passenger rail transport services between Basel Badischer Bahnhof and Zell im Wiesental. MEV was charged with the preparation and implementation of initial personnel realisation for this project, named "Wiesental".

Scope of services in a nutshell

  • Project-specific recruitment
  • Training and further training
  • Provision of driving and control personnel (30 train drivers, four spot checkers, two passenger counters
  • Personnel planning and control
  • Management by MEV's local railway managers
  • Management under changing building conditions during normal operations
  • Duration: June 2003 to December 2005 plus around a year's preparation time

Description of services

More than a year before the agreed June 2003 start of operations MEV began recruitment of thirty train drivers and began training them in the vehicles hired via state railway. We also began recruiting spot checkers and passenger counters.

Between June 2003 and December 2005 MEV independently and successfully ran railway operations on the Wiesentalbahn, with all relevant leadership organised and assured by the local MEV management in Lörrach.

In this operational period for which we were responsible, extensive infrastructural renewal and conversion along the whole length of the line by DB Netz AG led to around 14 months of varying building conditions.

In addition traffic was expanded by more than 40% in comparison to the previous operator (until May 2003). Moreover, ten new train sets of the "Flirt" series were introduced to Germany for the first time and more operating personnel were recruited. On busy days the number of passengers reached up to 40,000.

In December 2005 as agreed a fully operational and reliable service was handed over to the newly founded railway company.