Starting position

In December 2008, a regionally active and locally based railway company took on the so-called "Mittelrheinbahn" (MRB) between Köln-Deutz and Mainz Hauptbahnhof via Remagen, Koblenz and Bingen. These lines had already been used by previous operators, such that the railway company started afresh on these segments and first had to build up its own workforce.

Scope of services in a nutshell

  • Provision of personnel as employee transfer (up to 10 train drivers)
  • Project-specific mentoring activities at start of operations and on deployment of the railway company's own employees
  • Duration: from start of operations in December 2008 until 2013, varying quantity

Description of services

Ten MEV train drivers were deployed at the start of operations via employee transfer, working mostly as mentors to support the railway company’s newly trained staff in their daily duties and to share their own experiences.

In the course of the year’s co-operation this changed in phases to direct deployment as train drivers, whereby driving shifts were also provided as a service and mentoring activities were always in demand.