Scope of services in brief

  • Support with the creation of traffic concepts
  • Provision of technical travel and carriage investigation staff
  • Controlling and scheduling of traffic
  • Staff planning and control
  • Duration: since 2000 until today with alternating functions

Specification of services

In the middle of the 2000s, and as one of the first private container train systems, a rail transportation company with its base in Northern Germany started transporting container block trains between Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

These transportation services were gradually extended to Gemünden, where the trains coming from the two ports were divided and rearranged for the overnight onward journey to Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich.

The trains coming from the south were virtually separated in reverse with the appropriate shunting manoeuvres and arranged into block trains for the onward journey to Bremerhaven and Hamburg. The MEV supplied the necessary train drivers, shunting staff, carriage technicians and dispatchers.

Due to the high customer demand and the increased emergence of containers, direct trains from Hamburg and Bremerhaven to Munich soon followed, so that two years after the start of the system, 40 trains were in operation every week. A continued increase in pairs of trains led to an increased requirement for staff, which the MEV also covered.

In 2005, trains started to travel to Mainz and Ludwigshafen and in 2006 to Hungary, which were driven by MEV train drivers up to Passau and, in part, by employees of MEV Austria up to the Austrian-Hungarian border.

Extensive technical carriage controls at the crossing of the border were carried out by MEV carriage technicians in Passau. Additional pairs of trains and new routes from Hamburg via Mannheim to Stuttgart in 2009 as well as from Hamburg to Frankfurt/Main and from Bremerhaven via Dortmund to Regensburg in 2010 were also able to be staffed by MEV personnel.

A large part of the services provided by the EVU is also currently staffed by MEV employees (train drivers and carriage technicians).

Furthermore, all EVU control centre tasks (planning, train monitoring) have been carried out by MEV employees for many years.