Small amount of damage – large effect? Mobile maintenance work saves time and money

Faulty brake pads, warning stickers missing: carriages are quickly labelled and removed from the track. And then they stand there and cost money. MEV's Mobile Carriage Technician Service carries out smaller repairs and corrective maintenance work on-site, so that idle times remain short and the carriages do not need to be transferred into a garage.

MEV's Mobile Carriage Technician Service can also carry out checks on larger fleets of vehicles quickly and professionally at the customer's premises at agreed times.

MEV's Mobile Carriage Technician Service is available to all vehicle owners and users. Our specially trained employees work according to strictly defined standards and in 2011 successfully completed an expert technical assessment led by the VTG for small repairs and mobile maintenance work with the aid of workshop trolley. This was then affiliated to an additional ECM/VPI combined certificate in 2014.

Our head of carriage technology is available for any further enquiries.