Starting position

A Polish railway company carried out transport services between Poland and Germany from September 2009, but initially possessed no licence of its own.

Scope of services in a nutshell

  • Provision of driving and wagon inspection personnel
  • Traffic control and disposition
  • Traffic planning including wagon and route management
  • Personnel planning and control
  • Use of railway company licence (EVU-Lizenz)
  • Duration: from 2009 to end of 2013

Description of services

From September 2009 MEV supported a Polish railway company in the implementation of services in the transport of bulk material and fertilisers between Poland and Germany, said services being temporarily carried out under MEV's licence. Prior to the company's receipt of its safety certificate in 2011, MEV drivers undertook numerous journeys within Germany for the transport of construction materials (including local shunting operations). This entailed not only series training but also local briefings at various locations including equipment with the appropriate documents and tools. In addition we were responsible for contracts with local connecting railways, traffic planning and all route management on the German side. Along with disposition and pre-planning duties and the hire of tracks for temporary storage we also co-ordinated the deployment of up to seven train cars. Since 2010 all planning and control centre operations have been consistently undertaken by the Polish company's own employees. The railway company is now also deploying its own personnel in other areas, such that the support of MEV is no longer required.