MEV Eisenbahn-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Mannheim. We are part of the HSM Gruppe and work closely with our MEV sister companies in Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

Our independence from other rail networks or transportation groups guarantees our neutrality in dealings with all our customers, whether national rail or private railway companies.

The new railway market is home to many players.

We are one of them - the railway-specific service provider in the recruitment and training sector, the disposition sector and mobile maintenance. Our service portfolio is varied and we are happy to make individual offers.

Values are important, concrete goals are measurable

Our self-conception and mission statement set out the course of our business activities, while our Executive Board's Policy Statement on Safety and Quality sets out our standards for the daily running of our company. This sets the high benchmark for our monthly monitoring.

Consistent safety and quality management is a reality for us. It is on this basis, as well as on the back of regular internal and external inspections, that we have received, among others, the following authorisations, attestations and certificates:

Authorisation in accordance with § 6 AEG zum Erbringen von Eisenbahnverkehrsleistungen (Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Conservation and Transport)

Safety certification in accordance with § 7a AEG for the rail transport company MEV

Recognition as a training site in accordance with § 14 TfV (EBA)

Recognition as an examination site in accordance with § 15 TfV (EBA)

Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Certification as an authorised body responsible for further training in accordance with SGB III in connection with AZAV 

Certification of further training in accordance with SGB