The job of trainer can be done by people of both sexes. For ease of reading only the male pronoun has been used in the following text. No disrespect to either sex is intended.

Activity profile

At the adult education-oriented MEV Driver Training School we have

  • a trainer for train drivers
  • a trainer for wagon technicians
  • a trainer for hazardous goods training (GGVSEB)
  • trainers for special modules such as stress prevention.

Depending on specialism the focus of a trainer's activities lies in the preparation and execution of teaching in his subject, with a variety of alternating theoretical and practical units and scope for interdisciplinary activities.

As a trainer you should be a professional in your field and be capable of effectively conveying your own career experience to others, both theoretically in the classroom and practically in the driving simulator or on the damaged wagons track.

The role of trainer entails daily dealings with lots of different people, mastery of modern hard- and software, conflict resolution skills and strong communication abilities.


The job description for the post of trainer correspond in principle to those of the relevant subject area and has in principle the same requirements, although there may be exceptions.

It also requires, as well as interest in the railway system, exceptional ability to deal with stress, social skills and methodical-didactic abilities. These abilities will be strengthened in a targeted manner through further training and personal coaching.

Good knowledge of human nature and the ability one the one hand to adapt to a wide array of characters as conversation partners and on the other to assert oneself convincingly, are indispensable.

The role demands the ability to work assuredly with standard soft- and hardware and willingness to regularly adapt to new teaching situations.
Mastery of written and spoken English or other foreign languages is highly advantageous, as foreign railway companies can be counted among the clients of the MEV Driver Training School.


In order to become a trainer you will need initial vocational training/further training in your specific subject area (see job description for train driver / job description wagon technician), professional experience as a training locomotive driver or training wagon technician if possible and pedagogical/methodical-didactic training experience preferred.

Pay and development opportunities

The income of a trainer at MEV depends on training, professional experience and operations as well as years of work.

Regular further training and attractive social contributions are a given.

The professional development opportunities available to a dispatcher are highly individual.