On paper or online? How should I apply?

Every applicant is important to us. Every application is interesting to us.

Whether it’s on good old paper, by form on this website or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: We are pleased to receive any convincing application which gives us a good first impression of you and your qualifications.

Application sent – what happens next?

Route 1

You already have training or experience in the relevant sector? Great! We will probably invite you for interview, so that we can get to know each other personally.

Of course we will allow plenty of time for this interview, to present MEV as your potential future employer and for any questions you might have.

Tip: making a note of questions you've thought of beforehand is sometimes helpful.

For applications for railway operation roles such as train driver the time and date for the interview will be accompanied by a short written employment test which must be answered with a minimum percentage and without operational risk.

Route 2

You're new to the railway sector and are interested in our further training programmes? Excellent! We will probably invite you to come and see us, allowing rather more time to get to know each other.

As a first step we will go through a selection test with you.

The schedule includes general knowledge questions, logical thinking and technical understanding tests, mathematical tests and practical exercises in the German language (comprehension, spelling and grammar). You should also be able to explain why you are interested in the specific career you have chosen, so for example why you want to become a locomotive driver.

We will go through your test results with you in the discussion which accompanies the test phase and evaluation. If this phase has been completed to our satisfaction and we are of the opinion that you may be suitable for one of our programmes we will plan together with you the next steps on the road to further training.

Before being approved for a railway operation qualification your physical suitability must be confirmed by a registered transport medical specialist and additionally, in the case of train drivers, your mental suitability by an approved transport psychologist. To this end there exist standardised examination techniques (in accordance with TfV/VDV 714), with which your general physical condition, circulatory system, sight and hearing, blood and urine values can be assessed, along with mental parameters such as attitude to night and shift work, ability to concentrate etc.

We will arrange examination dates with approved doctors and psychologists.

It is impossible to take on any role in railway operation without this proof of suitability. There is no point in discussing the possibility of repeat examination or examination by other doctors.

Discussions regarding the financing of your participation in one of our further training programmes will be held together with you and the payer. These discussions are essential if we are to welcome you as a participant.

So you see that we require your active co-operation and engagement in the process on the way towards further training as a locomotive driver or wagon technician.

We will of course support you as far as possible every step of the way and will be glad to assist and advise you.